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The 2019 Illimitable Design Summit brings together more than 200 advocates, engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and policymakers to learn about disability inclusion in technology. 

Our diverse group of attendees meet local innovators, explore the latest technologies, learn the design thinking process, and collaborate to solve accessibility challenges in the community.

Focus Areas

The theme of Illimitable 2019 is Health Determinants and our workshops focus on five main areas: the built environment, education, employment, health and wellness, and social and community engagement.


From transportation to residential living, participants in the Built Environment track focus on designing safe, sustainable, and inclusive neighborhoods for everyone.


From eliminating stigma to promoting civic participation, participants in the Social and Community Engagement track take important steps toward increasing connectedness.


Participants in the Education track reimagine the traditional education system - from early childhood to higher education and beyond.


Unemployment and underemployment disproportionately affects individuals with disabilities. Participants in the Employment track focus on promoting job readiness and equitable workplace conditions.


Dynamic technologies are revolutionizing the health space. Participants in the Health and Wellness track build on this momentum to improve access to services, increase health literacy, and rethink quality care.